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MAJEK: Texas Skiff
The biggest small boat you can buy.

Majek Texas Skiff

The Texas Skiff was designed to be an entry level boat but itís turned out to be anything but. In fact, itís become a standard for the weekend and recreational angler. Jimmy Majek knows why. ďIt may be the smallest boat we make, but nothing is cut off to make it small.Ē

It has all the design quality and performance features of its big brothers in the Redfish line. The Texas Skiff is as wide as the 18 foot Redfish model. The console is full size so two people can get behind and ride comfortably. Itís one heck of a fishing platform with a bunch of square footage for a 16 foot boat. You can really trick it out by adding a casting platform and other accessories. Mount a 70 horsepower motor on it and you wonít believe how fast itíll power you to the hot spots. It was designed by guys who understand shallow water boat performance. It does what we say itíll do. Itíll not only get you into the skinny water and the back lakes and shallow bays, but get you out with ease. Itís just an all around great fishing boat.

Compare the quality, hand craftsmanship, performance and the price. Thereís just no comparison to the Majek Texas Skiff.


Majek Texas Skiff Specs

Texas Skiff Specifications:

Length 16í
Beam 90Ē
Weight 750 lbs
Floor Width 78.5Ē
Gunnel Height 10Ē
Transom Height 20Ē
Max Capacity 4 ppl/650 lbs
Max Horsepower 70
Draft 7Ē
Fuel Capacity 40 gal

* All specifications are approximate due to the fact that all Majek boats are completely handcrafted.


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